Strong Mind. Strong Body. be unstoppable!

Whether you are a competitive strongman or woman or just want to test your strength, at Fierce we have some awesome pieces of kit to challenge you, whatever your experience and strength.

Log presses

The log press is a unique event to Strongman. While many of the other events are trained in the gym or used for general conditioning its rare that you’ll find a log presser that doesn’t have an interest in strongman. The idea is simple, get the log from the floor to overhead.

At Fierce we have logs in the following sizes our monster log is 84kg, 36kg and 18kg.

Car Deadlift

At Fierce we have the ultimate strength challenge, we’ve got our own Fierce Car inside the gym waiting to be deadlifted. How many reps can you do in a minute?


Not just for strength programs, sandbags can be used in various Functional training settings like CrossFit and adventure races.

At Fierce we have a range of sandbags in weights from 20kg to 120kg in 10kg increments.

Here are examples of some of the exercises you can do with Sandbags;

Sandbag Shouldering, Sandbag Clean & Press, Sandbag Zercher Squat, Sandbag Zercher Lunges (reverse or walking), Sandbag Back Squat / Shoulder Squat, Sandbag Bear Complex (Clean & Front Squat, Press Overhead & Onto Your Back, Back Squat & Press Back Over Head, Down to Floor & Repeat!, Sandbag Zercher or Bear Hug Carry.

loadable dumbell

The Monster dumbbell press is one of the classic strongman events. With this loadable dumbbell you can train your press starting at 45kg when the dumbbell is empty, up to approximately 105kg (with thin 5kg steel plates)

Dinnie Stone handles

The Dinnie Stones (also called Stanes or Steens) are a pair of Scottish lifting stones located in Potarch, Aberdeenshire. They were made famous by strongman Donald Dinnie, who reportedly carried the stones barehanded across the width of the Potarch Bridge, a distance of 17 ft 1.5 in (5.22 m), in 1860.

The Dinnie Stone Handles are Perfect for practicing for the Dinnie Stones Challenge.


25kg Hammer of The Gods – how long can you hold this for?


A Yoke is an essential piece of equipment for anyone serious about Strongman training.
Trained in the correct manner, it can be an incredible strength and power builder.
This lightweight Yoke has been tested in competitions and can hold up to 500kg

Atlas Stones

We have Atlas Stones in the following weights 35kg, 45kg, 55kg, 70kg, 80kg, 90kg, 100kg, 120kg, 130kg, 160KG and 200kg.