Ground Floor

Bodybuilding. Powerlifting. Strongman.

The Ground Floor at Fierce is where you will find all of our plate loaded equipment, 95% of our equipment here is plate loaded and manufactured by Watson Gym Equipment in the UK.

Perfect for bodybuilding & Strength Training.

Eleiko rack

IPF approved, calibrated plates and bars, perfect for competitive powerlifters.

Car Deadlift

Can you take on the ultimate Strongman challenge?

at Fierce we want people to explore all of our equipment no matter your fitness preference!

So if you’re into bodybuilding...

How about you go and chuck some sandbags over your shoulder or have a go at some log presses?

If you’re a powerlifter ...

Give our Animal Leg Press a go, it can hold up to 1,200 kg!

If you’re a strongman or woman

Give our 105kg dumbbells a go for some bent over rows.