Something for everyone

Whether you are into CrossFit, HIIT, circuit training or just want to try something new, we have a huge range of equipment here at Fierce to satisfy your fitness thirst.


4 battleropes that can attach to the rig for functional training, HIIT classes and more.

The Rig

Our rig is the centerpiece of our upstairs area with 4 barbell stations, monkey bars on both sides and weight and kettlebell storage. Perfect for suspension training, calistentics and HIIT.


Here at Fierce we have a number of tyres, suitable for a whole range of exercises. Flip them, push them, jump over them – there’s so much you can do with this versatile piece of equipment.

Wall balls

At Fierce we have a selection of different wall balls. These are perfect for core, glutes and arms as the weight and movement works your whole body.

Slam balls

Release some tension whilst you get fit! We have a range of slam balls at different weights, meaning anyone can pick one up and slam it back down. An ideal exercise for arms, core and glutes.


We have Wolverson competition kettlebells ranging from 8kg to 32kg (4 of each weight). These kettlebells are the same size with even weight distribution perfect for strength and conditioning training.


The Torque Fitness M4 Tanks – pull them, push them, drag them, tow them.

No need to add weight just adjust the resistance to make it harder. The bi-lateral handles mean they don’t need to be turned at the end of the run.

The grappler

The Grappler requires a huge amount of effort and will help to increase strength and endurance by giving a super tough workout in a short period of time. Perfect for both aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

Core Hammers

The core hammer is a versatile piece of equipment great for stability and core work as well as explosive actions such as hitting off the ground or a tyre.

TRX Straps

Great for an all-over body workout, or to work on particular moves that you may find difficult to perform unassisted (such as pull-ups)

Swiss Balls

Can be used for a variety of exercises including planks and hamstring rollouts.


Great for callisthenics and power work.

Wall Sprinters

The Sprinter cable can stretch from 2,5 meters to 6,5 meters, allowing you to perform unlimited drills and sport-specific movements. The further you go the harder the cable will pull you back. Resistance increases from 7kg to 22kg when the cable is fully stretched.

Also we have a selection of...

Skipping Ropes

Plyo Boxes

Reebok Steppers


Bulgarian Bags

The worms