Free Weights

Test your strength!

Fed up of hunting for weight plates? Can’t find dumbbells heavy enough or are those cable stacks just not enough? We’ve got it covered with our wide range of weights!

Dumbbells up to 105Kg

At Fierce we have 1 set of dumbbells up to 105kg with a normal 5mm grip, 2 sets up to 50kg (1 with 35mm grip and 1 with 50mm revolving grip). Plus we have even more sets of the smaller weights, meaning there’s something for everyone!

over 11,000kg of weight plates

We have over 11,000kg of bumper plates for use on our weight loaded machines and racks. Plus over 600kg of Eleiko calibrated weights for use on our Eleiko platform.

8 Station cable

This cable station features 2 fully adjustable pulley columns each with 100kg weight stacks which can also be used as cable crossover.

Also included are 2 lat pulldowns with 120kg weight stacks, 2 low pulley rows with 120kg weight stacks as well as 1 multi position chin up bar.

Dual adjustable Pulley

This cable machine is one of the most versatile and multi-functional machines available, allowing you to perform a huge range of functional and rehabilitation training.