Let's build some boulders!

We have some heavy duty machines here to overload and pack some serious size onto your shoulders.

Animal Viking Press

This features independent arms for unilateral work or alternatively, the arms can be locked together for one movement. Band pegs and adjustable arms ideal for the perfect set up.


Plate Loaded Shoulder Press

Isolating the delts effectively can be hard, but our Plate Load Shoulder Press puts the load exactly where itโ€™s required, giving a really deep burn in the delts.


Plate Loaded Standing Lateral Raise

The counter balance and cam system combine to give the perfect amount of drop off at the top of the movement where the delts are least efficient. The footplate is also adjustable for the perfect set up.


Single Stack Shoulder Press

A great piece of kit for building shoulder strength.


Standing - Seated Plate Loaded Shrug

Use in a standing or seated position, great for building traps.