Gym Rules

Re-rack your dumbbells

Clear all weight plates off bars and equipment

Respect The Team & other gym users

Use a towel and wipe down equipment after use

Wear appropriate footwear

(No bare feet)

Wear appropriate clothing

(No bare chests)

wear deodorant

Only Use Equipment for It's Intended Purpose

No Freelance Personal Training is Permitted

When filming always ask for consent from those around you or ensure other members are not in shot

Don't block walkways and fire exits with tripods or personal belongings

Don't bring food on to the gym floor

Don’t hog equipment

(Don’t sit on your phone around the equipment)

Don’t take phone calls on the gym floor


Fierce Gym is committed to make sure you get the very best service from us. We welcome feedback which allows us to celebrate the positive impact we have made, along with using constructive feedback to help inform how we run our gym.

Everyone loves positive feedback and where we have gone above and beyond. This allows us to thank the staff who has delivered outstanding service levels and celebrate their commitment We also recognise that from time to time we may not deliver the service levels that we, or you, expect and on those occasions we welcome your views which can help us to improve what we do.

In an effort to provide a clear and concise way for you to give us feedback we have developed the process below which we ask you to follow in order that we can deal with your feedback in the quickest and most positive way.


The quickest and most efficient way to give feedback is directly to the staff on duty or emailing the team directly at theteam@fiercegym.co.uk . This way most cases can be dealt with and resolved quickly.

Alternatively you can complete the contact us form on the website and your feedback will be sent to the relevant individual.


Our aim is to provide a response within 48 hours to 72 hours as a minimum. This may be just a holding response if the feedback requires additional investigation. If this is the case we will inform you of this and under these circumstances and our aim is to provide a full response and resolution within 7 days.


If, once the resolution has been provided, you remain dissatisfied, you can escalate your feedback to the Directors – any employee will be able to supply their contact details for you. A Director will then make contact with you to discuss your feedback in more detail and provide you with a response in writing.