Any day ending in 'y'

Did you know you can eat pancakes any day of the year… not just on Shrove Tuesday! Not only that but you can also train chest on days other than Monday! Mind blowing stuff. Come to Fierce and we will show you the impossible is indeed possible.

Plate Loaded Chest Press

Working the chest on a slight incline, the Plate Load Chest Press is the perfect machine to hit all areas of the mid / upper chest as well as the triceps.


Plate Loaded Pec Fly

Dumbbell flies are a great exercise but with one major problem – at the top of the movement the tension on the chest is reduced as the load is put more onto the triceps. The Watson Plate Load Fly keeps the load on the chest all the way through the movement, including the top where you really have to ‘squeeze’ your pecs to keep the handles together.


Power Bench

Fully adjustable bar catchers with a small lift-off ‘lip’ allow you to take the bar with minimum lift.

Fully adjustable safety bars can be set at 25 mm increments and also feature ‘face savers’ that will push the bar away from your face in the event of the bar being dropped.

Height change system allows you to change the lift-off height quickly and easily with the loaded bar still in place.


The Bench Cage

Tiny numbered bar height increments enable the perfect set up, with safety straps and large heavy duty spotter platforms. 


Animal Incline Bench

This bench features multi positions for bar lift off, spotter platforms and an adjustable seat to suit all.


Olympic Decline Bench

The Watson Adjustable Olympic Decline Bench adjusts from a flat position to a 50° decline with various adjustments in between.

This also doubles up as a flat bench!


Single Stack Pec Fly Rear Delt

By adjusting the start position and facing into the machine the Pec Fly / Rear Delt also offers a great way to isolate the rear head of the delts.


Rear Delts