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I have a huge passion for all strength sports and the science behind them – particularly strongman. I fell in love with the sport after getting into it to help me with my mental health and now I want to give back to the sport as much as possible and get as many people involved in it to reap the benefits. 3 years later I’m now hoping to qualify for my first worlds strongest man in 2020 in the U105kg category.

Outside of the gym – I work full time and spend the rest of my time with my family!

Level 1 Modified strongman instructor
Working towards level 2 fitness instructor & level 3 PT

Strength and Conditioning
Strongman training
Passion for all fitness disciplines

Brent Personal Trainer


I am high energy, enthusiastic personal trainer with a background in professional sport and a passion for encouraging healthy habits for a healthier lifestyle. I specialise in individual training programmes that are goal orientated, whether that’s weight loss, strength and fitness, or simply gaining a better understanding of the gym to increase training confidence and enjoyment. I believe in creating long lasting habits that allow you to reach your goals and give you a positive benefit in all areas of daily life. 

As a former academy football player with MK Dons, away from the gym I enjoy watching live football (particularly Arsenal!) running, cooking and spending time with my young family.


Personal Trainer Level 3
Level 1 FA Football Coach


Strength and conditioning
Suspension and resistance
Circuit and Functional training
Nutrition and lifestyle coaching
Fat loss

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A highly experienced PT who is dedicated to transforming the health and fitness of everyone that he works with.

Level 3 personal trainer
Degree in Sport Science

Muscle building
Fat loss
Circuit Training



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I am to provide you with a bespoke programme regardless of your individual starting point to help make a change.
It’s doesn’t matter about the past, what matters is what you do now. With me you get a fully committed Personal Trainer focused on you and your goals. If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you.

Contact me and let’s get started.

Level 3 PT

CrossFit Training
Strength Training
Functional Training
Football Specific Fitness
Weight loss

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I am Lloyd Edward Anthony Nurse (LEAN) and fitness is my LIVING!
Born into a large family of 6 older sisters and now a father to 5, I’ve always found it easy to stay active; stay fit, stay healthy, stay strong, stay in shape; but unfortunately not stay injury-free.
From a young age, I was always that child that made games up, wanted to play until my mum would shout for me to get in. On the football pitch, I would want to be the keeper and the goal scorer. My calling was clear but took time for it to align. Welcoming you to LEAN LIVING!
My client’s goals are my goals, but I don’t want an old client that wants a six-pack for the summer or for a bum to fit in the bikini for August; I attract a very niche amount of clients that need me to balance out their life. I keep them fit, in shape, stronger, healthier, leaner and not to forget the most important factors; emotional and mentally in tune.

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A passionate fitness professional and boxing specialist based in Milton Keynes, I bring enthusiasm and diverse wealth of knowledge to every session that I teach. With over 9 years of experience in training people across the UK, including professional athletes (boxers, footballers, ice hockey and badminton players), I am known for my creative and fun style of training. You can expect energetic and goal orientated sessions from me with a focus of achieving your fitness goals regardless of experience level.

If you give me 100% commitment then I will get you results.
Get ready to take your training to the next level!!

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Boxing specialist training
Strength Training
Functional Training
Creative and fun style of training

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My aim is to make exercise accessible to all, no matter what your goal is.
To also make exercise enjoyable to all.

I have spent over 10 years of my life in sports coaching – starting in snowboarding and skiing and progressing onto personal training.
The life skills I have acquired enable me to be an empathetic coach with the ability to really listen to what you need and find the right path for you.

My passion lies in helping people believe they can achieve anything and supporting them in the work required to get there.

No one should feel like they can’t walk into a gym, or any exercise environment – and it’s my job to make sure people feel educated, confident and passionate about their health and fitness.

I can support you achieve your full potential, physically and mentally 

To be Happier, Healthier, Stronger 

When I’m not personal training I’m a mum – encouraging my little girl to be confident and adventurous 

Level 3 Personal Training

Fat Loss – change in body composition

Movement analysis
Mindset and confidence building
Goal Setting and planning
Nutrition and lifestyle

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We do not permit unregistered personal trainers


Having been in the industry for over 10 years I have helped hundreds of people achieve a wide range of physical goals. The clients I have coached range from world class MMA fighters, Team GB athletes, bodybuilding/ physique champions, bikini champions to your average gym user trying to improve body composition.

Level 3 Advanced Personal Training
Sports nutrition
Strength and conditioning
Kettlebell cert
TRX cert

Body transformations
Contest preparation
Athletic performance
Fat loss

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Sean is a strength and conditioning coach specialised in the physical preparation of athletes for more than a decade. He has worked with athletes from a wide range of levels and backgrounds, including Olympic, World and Commonwealth medallists.

Sean believes that good coaching should empower the athlete with the knowledge and capacities necessary to enable them to take charge of their individual training journey.

Speed & agility training
Weightlifting coaching
Powerlifting coaching
Movement analysis and corrective exercise




 My passion is to give people from all different ages to different lifestyles their VALUE and WORTH through fitness.

I will help you live a healthier more active lifestyle whereby fitness and heath will be Incorporated into your lifestyle instead of fitness and health being a chore.

We will coach you with expert knowledge and personal support throughout your journey in order to achieve the best results you can”.

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Body Transformations
Muscle Building
Sport Specific
Fat Loss
Strength & conditioning

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Personal trainer with 20 years coaching experience. Specialising in Olympic weightlifting for beginners or for competition. Also experienced coaching +35’s looking for longevity in the gym.

British Weightlifting Level 2 Coach
BWL level 3 Strength and Power coach
Higher Cert Strength and Conditioning
Reps L3 Personal Trainer

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