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Sep 20, 2021 | News

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With the schools returning in September 2021, a local secondary school reached out to Fierce about the possibility of bringing some of their Year 11 students in twice a week for their P.E lessons.

They had previously visited another gym where the pupils had wondered around rather aimlessly not really understanding how to use the equipment or how to structure a workout.

We wanted to give these 15/16 year olds a positive introduction to the fitness world and specifically training in a gym so agreed to provide 2 instructor led classes a week.

One of these classes would focus on strength training, under the watchful supervision and guidance of 2 Fierce team members to ensure they understood how to perform each lift safely, with the correct form and what exercises complement each other.

The second class would be a HIIT style bootcamp with various stations such as bodyweight exercises and using an array of the equipment such as battleropes, slam balls, dumbbells and tyres.

The feedback from the teachers and the students has been amazing and with studies suggesting how exercise can improve learning and memory at school we look forward to a continuing these classes and giving this generation not only a great start to their fitness journey but a more healthy lifestyle that reaches beyond the gym.

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