October 22 – Corporate Wellbeing Day

Oct 21, 2022 | News

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On Thursday 20th October we delivered our first Corporate wellbeing day to local Milton Keynes business Aztech IT.

First we conducted a seminar on Exercises and Nutrition and offered guidance on how employees could stay active and how nutrition and rest plays and importance part of a good fitness regime. We  also spoke about how to overcome barriers to exercise and how we support our members at Fierce.

The employees had lots of questions around how they should structure their training and around nutrition.

After the seminar we put on a bodyweight bootcamp that could easily be done at home or at the office in a short space of time and just using a chair.

We took along the Fit3d Body Scanner so that employees could have a scan and were given the opportunity to discuss the results with us.

This is the first of many of these events as we look as supported businesses in keeping their workforces active and healthy.

You can see a video of the day here

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