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May 3, 2022 | News

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On May 2nd Fierce supported the MK Marathon.

The day started with Jess and Connie from Fierce heading the MK Dons stadium to take the warm up on the MKFM stage.

Then it was over to mile 9 for the half marathon where the team were stationed to give out bottles of water and isotonic shots.

In less than 2 hours the team of 7 were kept busy efficiently giving out around 3000 bottles of water and 2000 shots.

Everything ran really smoothly and other than getting hit by the odd flying bottle, plus lots of sticky hands and arms from being covered in the isotonic drink as the runners grabbed them on the way past we all had a great time.

This was another great community supporting event and we had some amazing feedback about the friendly and supportive vibes from Fierce at mile 9.

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