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Oct 16, 2022 | News

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On Friday 14th October we hit Middleton Hall in the Central Milton Keynes Shopping Centre for MK Innovates, an event that showcased technology to students from 100’s of schools in Milton Keynes.

We wanted to show how the MyZone belts could be used for tracking workouts, measuring heart rates, calorie burn and effort level.

We took along Battleropes, Skipping ropes, Reebok steppers and dumbbells to put the students through a quick workout whilst wearing a MyZone switch that sits on the wrist, the effort level was then shown on a TV screen and they were able to see how it changed when they performed the exercises.

Over the course of the day we saw over 1000 students and it was great to interact with so many different age groups and again be part of a community event.

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