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Oct 10, 2023 | News

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On Sunday the 1st October we held ‘Fierce Gyms’ Strongest’ a strongman based competition for open to all with Men’s novice, Men’s Inters and Ladies Novice categories.

The competitors were a mixture of those that train in Strongman to those who wanted to try something different and challenge themselves.

The events were;

  • Max Axle – competitors had 90 seconds to load their own bar and press it overhead.
  • Deadlift for reps – for men the challenge was to lift the car in the gym as many times as possible for the ladies it was a conventional deadlift
  • Atlas stone to shoulder – 60 seconds to get as many in as possible
  • Yoke run and Sandbags – Competitors had to carry the Yoke 15 metres, run back and pick up a sandbag and run back to put over the yoke (3 different ascending sandbags weights to complete the event) set to a timer
  • Farmers and duck walk – Farmers 15 metres drop and then a duck walk waddle

There was lots of support for all the competitors and some fails and some falls as everyone gave it their absolute all!!

The atmosphere in the gym was electric!!

Top 3 from each category got a spot on our podium and felt the heat of our flame throwers and we celebrated their victory, the winner walked away with a goody bag, a Yoke trophy and the title of Fierce Gym’s Strongest 2023.

The ladies’ winner went to one of our very own Fierce members, not a usual “Strongwoman” competitor but part of the England Olympic Bobsleigh team! A true athlete excelling in all areas!

We are already planning our 2024 Comp and its going to be even bigger!!

You can check out the ladies highlights here

You can check out the novice male highlights here

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